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  1. Method of collection and processing of personal information

“Personal Information” is information that, alone or in combination with other information collected, identifies an individual. When we combine other information (i.e., information that, on its own, does not identify an individual) with personal information, the resulting combination is treated as personal information.

Our company may use personal information to communicate with you, including communicating with you regarding your account or your transactions with us, providing you with important information about our products, sending you notices of changes to this Privacy Policy and, provided you have given express consent, our company may send you offers and promotions regarding our products.

Our company may use personal information for the purposes of internal or operational statistics, such as sales reporting, demographic measurement and understanding, user interest, purchase trends and other customer trends.


  1. Other disclosures

If customers give express consent, under the terms of the Law, personal information may be disclosed to external entities.

Pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of 27 April 2016, we may also disclose your personal information to external entities to the extent necessary or appropriate: (a) in accordance with applicable law or regulations; (b) to comply with legal obligations and orders of judicial authorities; (c) to respond to requests by public authorities and law enforcement agents, including authorities outside your country of residence; (d) to protect the rights, privacy, security and property of our company, the user and external entities.

We may also transfer personal information to external entities in the event of reorganization, merger, sale and/or transfer (in whole or in part) of the establishment, property and/or actions of our company.


III. Security

Our company takes reasonable security measures to help protect against loss, misuse, unauthorized access, and unauthorized disclosure and alteration of the personal information being processed.


  1. Marketing

If you give us your express consent, our company may use your personal information to send you advertising correspondence (including emails and newsletters) related to our company’s products. We do not share personal information with external entities for advertising purposes.


  1. Policy on children

Our products are not intended for individuals under the age of 16.  If we detect that we have been contacted by someone under 16 years of age, we will not complete any business and will take immediate steps to delete any information provided as soon as possible.


  1. Updates to the Privacy Statement

This Privacy Policy may be amended as our company expands the range of products marketed and, as well, to respond to the emergence of new technologies and ensure compliance with the Law. You will be informed of any updates and, whenever legally required, the provision of your consent will be requested under the terms of the law.


VII. Period of retention of personal information

Your personal information will be retained for the period of time necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected, without prejudice to longer retention to comply with legal obligations.


VIII. Updating your information

You may access your personal information at any time and request to update it. Likewise, you may request that it be eliminated or even limited in its processing, and our company will endeavor to respond to this request promptly, in accordance with the law. Where applicable, our company may refuse processing in cases provided by law, namely when the request violates legal provisions, is impractical or affects the privacy rights of third parties.


Requests for access, correction or deletion can be sent through the following means and should always be addressed to the care of the data controller:

Address: Avenida Europa, 437, 3800-228 Aveiro

Email address:


  1. No automated decisions

Our company does not engage in profiling or make automated decisions.


  1. Data portability

Customers have the right to receive the data that concerns them and request its transfer to a third party. This right only exists when the data has been provided with consent or in the scope of contract execution and provided that it does not prejudice the rights of third parties. If the processing of the personal data in question proves necessary for the fulfillment of a legal obligation to which our company is subject and, to exercise attributions in the public interest, the customer, in accordance with the law, cannot exercise their right to portability.


Conservation of the Collected Information

After collecting the individualized personal information that you have voluntarily transmitted to us, Kilometer Low Cost will keep and maintain it until you instruct otherwise, or until the law requires its deletion.


Keeping this information allows Kilometer Low Cost to continue to provide you with personalized services without interruption. Any user may freely choose to provide, or not, any individualized personal information. In these terms, if you do not wish to receive communications from Kilometer Low Cost even after you have provided us with your data, please contact us by email at Security and Use of Information Kilometer Low Cost is committed to ensuring the privacy of visitors to its website on the Internet. Kilometer Low Cost does not sell, rent, or otherwise make available to third parties any personal data submitted by users of our site.



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This Cookie Policy is part of our Privacy Policy. For more information about us and how we protect your information, please see our Privacy Policy (link to privacy policy).


How do cookies work?

In order to provide our users with a personalized and efficient service, it is necessary to remember and store information about how this Website should be used. To do so, we use small text files called “cookies” that contain small amounts of information that is downloaded to our users’ computer or other devices via a server. Your Internet browser subsequently sends these cookies back to the Website, allowing for the recognition and memorization of our visitors’ identities, namely, their preferences.

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What types of cookies are used and why?

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Browser controls

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Communications via Email

To assess the relevance of our communications, we may use tracking technologies to determine whether our visitors read, clicked on links or forwarded certain email communications sent by us. In case of disagreement with this course of action our users should unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of all emails sent by us as it is not possible to send these emails without these monitoring mechanisms in place.

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This Cookie Policy may be reviewed at any time, at our discretion. When such changes are made, the revision date at the top of the page will be changed. The amended Cookie Policy will take effect from the date of review. We recommend that users of our website review the Cookie Policy periodically for the purpose of being informed about our cookie management.



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The information provided refers to recommendations issued by analysts tracking Kilometer Low Cost stock. Any opinions, estimates or forecasts made by these analysts are their sole responsibility and do not represent opinions, estimates or forecasts of Kilometer Low Cost or its management. The provision of this information by Kilometer Low Cost does not constitute any offer, recommendation or suggestion to buy, sell or hold shares in Kilometer Low Cost.


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Kilometer Low Cost assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of this information and makes no commitment regarding its updating if it is not aware of any changes. In any case, the information provided does not exempt you from reading the full analysis underlying the recommendations in question, the share price at the time of publication and the range of recommendations used by the institution. Neither Kilometer Low Cost nor its management is responsible for any errors, inaccuracies or omissions contained in such analyst opinions or for any actions taken on the basis of those opinions.



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